This print belongs to the second series: “SUR(REAL): When the surreal is more real than reality itself”. A series exploring the behaviours/events/things that look surreal because of how real they are.

Edition: Open Edition
Size: 290mm x 420 mm (~A3)
Paper: BioTop Natural 120gsm (off’white)
Colours: Riso Soy based inks (RED & BLUE)
Process: 2 layers Risograph Print
Printer: Printroom (Rotterdam, NL)

When is it fiction and when is it fact? Quoting Phillip K. Dick, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”. Climate ‘Fiction’ is what doesn’t go away. A ‘fiction’ that is happening right before our eyes.


Inline with the series theme exploring the normalization of the surreal in our world, this print explores the theme of climate change and climate alteration, based on Nasa’s series Images of Change comparing images (satellite or not) of the same places but in different timelines.

In this case I used the images of the Pedersen Glacier that shows clear signs of alternation in the time span of 65 years. By using the colours BLUE and RED respectively, the idea was to emphasize the ice melting from one image to the other.


Each image was treated in photoshop and split into two different channels for each one of the risograph layers (RED and BLUE).

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