POWER (2019)

This print belongs to the first series: “One concept, One print”. As a designer we are taught to construct, to build, to innovate but with this series I wanted to leverage the creative potential to do the opposite: destroy, deconstruct, critique. Each print of this series started with a concept which was then deconstructed into a visual.

Comparison Print vs. Block (block is reversed for comparison purposes)

Edition: limited edition of 10
Size: 410mm x 590 mm (~A2)
Paper: Japanese Simili paper 80gr (Ivory White)
Colours: 2 (Black ink on Ivory white paper)
Ink: Cranfield “Caligo Safe Wash” Relief Ink (Black)
Process: Handmade Linocut print

In most cases, the most pressing and complex issues call for more than superficial re-designs of existing institutions. They call for transformative or radical change. And for transformative change to happen, the current structures need to be redefined, destroyed. The dominant institutions need to be challenged and our most stable beliefs put into question. But what what are these dominant institutions? The underlying structures and infrastructures of power that we ignore? Change is difficult only because what you want to change most people are already subscribing to. The ones that keep the system up are not the ones who suffer. But the ones who suffer, they will never go up on the system.


In this design there are two main components that interact with each other: the oppressed; the oppressor.

The oppressed: The top part of the design represents the one being oppressed. The piercing is a symbol of the punk movement characterized by anti-establishments views and ideologies. The blood that drips symbolizes the struggle and the effort made to overthrow the system of power.

The oppressor: The bottom section represents the oppressor and the power holder. The circle itself embodies the concept of power itself and staircase exposes the hierarchical and structured nature of power.

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