Stuck in the Now (2020)

Comparison Print vs. Block (block is reversed for comparison purposes)

Edition: limited edition of 15
Size: 297mm x 420 mm (~A3)
Paper: Fabriano 160 gr. (Ivory White)
Colours: 3 (Black and Ruby Red ink on white paper)
Ink: Cranfield “Caligo Safe Wash” Relief Ink
Process: Handmade Linocut print

Pythia, also known as the Oracle of Delphi, was a priestess that through her prophecies saw a glimpse of the future. Without Pythia’s (often ambiguous) advice, people were Stuck in the Now. Living in uncertainty towards tomorrow. We now live in uncertain times. After the (covid-19) pandemic our lives have been turned upside down and we also feel Stuck in the Now. Prisoners of today, the weight of the now is an obstacle for us to think and imagine future alternatives, better futures, or, just simply, to imagine tomorrow.


This design is based on the story of Pythia, the oracle of Delphi. In depictions of the high priestess in greek mythology, normally Pythia appears with laurel leaves, sited in a tripod over a fend in the ground from each she inhaled vapors that made enter a state of trance where she could then access visions of the future.

In this design the main idea was to depict Pythia’s death as a ‘death by futures’ or by being unable to foresee the future. Here the future is represented again by the Futures Cone (you can read more about the Futures Cone on my FUTURE(s) Print)

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